Tools Needed

While I normally focus on open-source tools that everyone can use, this walkthrough uses Tableau, something I've extensively used in my day job and through outside consulting.

XAMPP is an open-source Apache distribution that contains Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and many other add-in applications. This is needed to create an Apache server on our machines, allowing us to send and receive data across the internet through code calls. This also will help us in architecting our databases that will store the data for our visualizations.

Notepad++ is another open-source tool that performs as a text-editor. To be blunt and straightforward, we're using this to write and edit code.

Tableau is a commercial product that allows users to play with many different types of data and create powerful visualizations by importing data sets through many formats -- CSV, XLSX, database connectors, etc. It also allows users to schedule and automate their dashboards.