By job title, I am a data scientist, but I find that I have a more unique and dynamic skill-set than just of that. I grew up with the internet and have been developing front-end websites since I was 10-12 years old. I consider myself a polymath in terms of coding languages and tools within the digital space. Because of this, I am able to architect MPP systems, create data models, web applications, data visualizations and dashboards, as well as conduct non-routine analyses.

I am a lifelong learner with an undying passion for data. In fact, this website is purely for learning new things and testing them in my spare time.

I aim to impress at all times and have been known for my ability to perform under pressure and complete projects in an insanely fast timeframe.

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Specific talents...

Data Engineering

I'm extremely comfortable with the Hadoop ecosystem and SQL, while familiar enough to get the job done with Python and writing a bit of Java here and there for UDFs as needed. I have experience leading projects to completion that deal with terabytes of data.

Specific Stacks/Languages:

  • Hadoop (Hive, Spark, Drill, Scala)
  • Bash, PowerShell, Crontab for developing automation scripts
  • Python, some R, some Java UDFs

Data Science / Modeling

Though I have no formal training except a degree in Economics, I do have experience building models for insight generation. Most recently, I worked on a team that developed a customer engagements KPI for Cisco that has now become one of few indicators for Marketing.

Specific Models:

  • Regressions, Random Forests, SVMs
  • Bayesian Networks, Optimization, Attribution

Front End Development

I have a background in development websites, so I'm able to use my data engineering and skill-set to build custom applications with data.

Specific Languages:

  • JavaScript (d3), PHP

Data Visualization

I have experience developing full production dashboards with different sets of tools, as well as custom visualizations with open-source libraries.

Specific Languages/Tools:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (d3)
  • Domo, Tableau, Qlikview, Platfora